Sapajus apella

family:  Cebidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  1.3- 4.8 kg
lifespan:  40-45 years in captivity
habitat:  forest
lifestyle:  group

It lives in the sub-tropical and tropical forests. Its habitat in the Northwestern Argentinian hillside forests stretches up to the elevation of 1100m. They prefer the middle foliage and undergrowth of forests. Their hair color may vary from light brown through mustard yellow all the way to black. Each specimen has different facial features, however, black sideburns are a common one. It is often referred to as robust capuchin monkey, due to the black capuchins above its ears. They are very intelligent and curious animals. The males indicate their readiness to mate by washing their hands in their own urine and rubbing it in their fur. Gestures and grimaces form an important part of their communication. They feed on forest fruits and by doing so they help spreading the seeds.

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