Eulemur fulvus

family:  Lemuridae
geographic range:  Madagascar
weight:  2-4 kg
lifespan:  20-25 years, 36 in captivity
habitat:  rainforest
lifestyle:  group

Five subspecies are known, living in different territories of Madagascar. In addition to their habitat, they can be distinguished by their fur color. The E.fulvus rufus males are grey-brown, the top of their heads is red. Females are of a different color, their fur is rather red-brown. They have a light patch above the eyes. They are active during the day. They jump from tree to tree, balancing with their long tail. Members of the same group care for each other, they clean each other. They mark their territory with the ooze of their scent glands on their wrists. As most of the time it feeds on fruits, it plays an important role in spreading seeds. Its habitat is endangered by the growth of agricultural areas and deforestation.

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