Puma concolor

family:  Felidae
geographic range:  North and South America
weight:  29-120 kg
lifespan:  18-20 years
habitat:  forest
lifestyle:  solitary

It is common in the Western part of the United States, in South Argentina and in Chile. It lives in hillside pine forests, tropical plain forests and in swamps. It is hiding in dense vegetation, caves and rock crevices. It is a large, thin feline. Its fur is short, coarse, with a yellowish-greyish-brown fur, turning lighter on the belly. Males are larger than females. It is a lonely animal, characterized by excellent smelling, eyesight and hearing. They give out hissing, rattling sounds. Infants give out high, chirp-like sounds. It approaches its prey silently, in a clandestine way, with a sudden attack it breaks its neck. It consumes 860-1300 kg of meat annually. It carries away its prey and hides it to return to it later.

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