Procyon lotor

family:  Procyonidae
geographic range:  North and Central America, South Kanada, Mexico
weight:  6-7 kg
lifespan:  5-16 years, 21 years in captivity
habitat:  woodland area, urban area
lifestyle:  solitary

Originally it was common in South Canada and in the United States. Because of its fur raccoon farms were opened in Europe and Asia and the escaping specimen spread around. They prefer wet woods, but they got used to humans. They build their lair in caves and holes. Its main characteristic feature is the black facial mask surrounding his eyes and the black rings on his bushy tail. It’s dexterous front paws are similar to the human hand. They are nocturnal and hibernate during the winter. It is a solitary animal, only forms groups for mating and infant (kit) care. They are splendid swimmers and outstanding hikers. It is an omnivorous, opportunistic being. They are economically significant due to their fur, at some places their meat is consumed as well.

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