Vulpes vulpes var.

family:  Canidae
geographic range:  Europe
weight:  3-14 kg
lifespan:  7-12 years
habitat:  forest, meadow
lifestyle:  solitary

It is a cross-breed of the red fox and one of its color variant, the silver fox. It is widespread in many different habitats. The color of its fur may vary from light red to reddish brown, the end of its tail is white, it’s lower legs are black.

Its body length varies between 45-90 cm, with a tail of 30-55 cm. They are nocturnal animals. They run fast, up to the speed of 48 km/h, and able to jump as high as 2 m. 28 different sounds of the red fox are distinguished. It is an opportunistic predator, feeds on preys that are easiest to catch and that are available in the largest extent.

They hunt for mice in a very distinctive way: they freeze, concentrate, then jump high and catch the mouse with their front paws. It eats 0.5-1 kg of meat daily.