Suricata suricatta

family:  Herpestidae
geographic range:  South Africa
weight:  720-730 g
lifespan:  5-15 years
habitat:  savanna
lifestyle:  group

It is widespread in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It can be seen in open, deserted and grassy areas. It is a small animal, with the body length of 25-35 cm, with a tail of 17-25 cm. Its fur is greyish brown, varying with the area. There are dark patches around its eyes, parallel stripes on its back. They live in family groups, formed by the mating pair and their infants. Females often care for their infants commonly. The infants are unable to defecate without assistance, the mother’s licking of their belly is initiating the stimulus. Their most characteristic behavior is to always put out a guard around the warren, who, if a danger is detected, is warning the others by giving out a sound. The group then either flees or fights the predator. They may spread rabies.

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