Nasua narica

family:  Procyonidae
geographic range:  Central and South America
weight:  3-5 kg
lifespan:  14 years
habitat:  dry forest
lifestyle:  solitary or group

It is most common in Central Africa. It is widespread in various types of habitats, it likes the tropical plains, high-elevation dry forests. Its body length is 80-130 cm, more than half of it taken up by its tail. Its fur is greyish-brown, its nose is long and pointy, there is a white path above and under its eyes. Its legs are black, its sole is bare, its front legs are shorter than the rear legs. Its long tail is black-striped. Mostly it nests on palm trees. They are mainly active during the day. Males are solitary, keep a territory marked by urine or scent gland. It is omnivorous. It may walk for food up to 2 km. It is hunted for its meat, sometimes it is kept as a pet. It is very widespread, however, illegal hunting may pose a threat to the species.