Adult (14+ years): 2.400 Ft
Student, senior (only with valid identification):  1.800 Ft
Child (3-14 years):

Child (0-3 years):

Supporting ticket

1.600 Ft

100 Ft

4.000 Ft

Combined ticket (2 adults+1 child):  5.200 Ft
Combined ticket (1 adult+2 children): 4.400 Ft

Discount ticket for additional children:

900 Ft
Special priced rendezvous ticket (PTE Ticket) ( with two valid PTE student IDs after 1 pm on weekdays ) 2.600 Ft
Disabled and aid:  500 Ft
Supervisor 200 Ft
Three supervisors per 15 children or 2 supervisors per 15 students can enter free.
Group ticket for adults ( at least 15 people):  1.900 Ft/person
Group ticket for students, seniors (at least 15 people): 1.400 Ft/person
Group ticket for kids (at least 15 kids):  1.200 Ft/person
SEASON TICKETS (Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase)
Season ticket for adults (for a calendaryear, unlimited entries) 9.500 Ft
Season ticket for students or seniors (for a calendaryear, unlimited entries)  7.500 Ft
Season ticket for families (for a calendaryear, unlimited entries):

I. Type (2 adults+ 1 children)

II. Type (1 adult + 2 childrens)

III. Type (2 adult + 1 children-0-3 years)

Each children until 3 years: 500 Ft




Additional ticket to the season ticket for families (for a calendaryear, unlimited entries, for one other child) 3.500 Ft
Season ticket for children (for a calendaryear, unlimited entries)
With the purchase of a season ticket for children it is compulsory to buy a season ticket for
6.000 Ft

You can pay by credit card |Mastercard, Maestro, Pay Pass, Visa, American Express, OTP|
You can also pay by: OTP SZÉCHENYI kártya, MKB SZÉCHENYI kártya SZABADIDŐ ZSEB Discount cards: TÜKE kártya, Irány Pécs kártya (discounts can be redeemd only for full priced tickets


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