Osteolaemus tetraspis

family: Crocodylidae
geographic range: West and Central Africa
weight: 18-32 kg
lifespan: 30-60 years
habitat: swamp forest
lifestyle: solitary

Its native to Western- and Central Africa. It has at least 2 subspecies. It inhabits swampy areas, swamp-forests and slow flowing waters. Its one of the smallest of the Crocodile family, only measuring 1,5-1,9 meters in length.

The African dwarf crocodiles back is dark colored, but on the sides and the belly it has yellow spots. Its snout is short. Its a very good swimmer but also rather fast on land. Compared to other crocodiles its smaller and more docile so its easily captured.

The African dwarf crocodile is one of the most hunted crocodiles, mainly sold as bush meat. Its skin is not valuable, not usable for fashion products, so its not hunted for that.

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