Psittacula eupatria

family: Psittacidae
geographic range: South and Southeast Asia
weight: 200-250 g
lifespan: 40 years
habitat: forest
lifestyle: group

It is widespread in large territories in South- and Southeast Asia. It lives in wet and dry forests, in woods and cultivated areas. It has a large head, thin body and long, conical tail feathers.. The subspecies is characterized by the males’ colorful collar. Its length is 58 cm. It wears a red patch on its wings. Males have a black and red collar. It is characterized by a prominent, strong, red beak. They gather their food in small groups, consisting of seeds, fruits, flowers, insect larvae and nectar. Unlike other parrots, alexandrine parakeets don’t mate for life. It is mostly threatened by loss or deterioration of habitat and illegal hunting.

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