Bison bison

family:  Bovidae
geographic range:  North America
weight:  318- 900 kg
lifespan:  15-40 years
habitat:  prairie
lifestyle:  group

Earlier in history it was common throughout North-America, in territories with grass and open savannas. As the result of the mass slaughter of the buffalo herds, today you can only encounter them in private territories and in national partks. It is a huge animal, with the lenth of up to 3.8 m. Its most obvious features are its huge head and shoulder-hump. Its brown hair is longer on the front, and it has black, upward curved, sharp horns. It is a social animal. Bisons are very good swimmers, they can run with the speed of up to 62 km/h. Due to its size and formidable defence, a full grown specimen doesn’t have any predators. Back in the days it was one of the main sources of meat and raw skin in the United States. Native American tribes utilized its skin, bones and feces in numerous ways. Its worldwide number is estimated around 150.000.

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