Ara ararauna

family: Psittacidae
geographic range: South America
weight: 0.9-1.8 kg
lifespan: 50 years
habitat: rainforest
lifestyle: in pairs

It is common in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay, but it was sighted in Mexico and Central America as well. It lives in jungles and swampy coasts, builds its nest in the hollows of high trees. The macaw is 81-91.5 cm long, its back and wings are blue, its belly is yellow, there are green feathers on its forehead, its beak is black and bare, its cheek patch is cream colored. The cheek patches turn red if aroused. They mate for life, they are monogamous. With its strong beak it breaks up walnuts and manages seeds easily. From time to time it is eating clay from the river banks to help its digestion. Thanks to its colorful feathers and mocking abilities it is a popular pet. They are very intelligent, social animals. They are splendid seed spreaders, thus exercise a great effect on forest dynamics.

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