Xerus inauris

family:  Sciuridae
geographic range:  South Africa
weight:  528 g
lifespan:  11.5 years in captivity
habitat:  savanna
lifestyle:  group

It is common in grassy areas, it was sighted in the Kalahari desert as well. In its habitat it lives in holes. It has a coarse, short fur, its color varies with each specimen from dark to light red-brown. The limbs, face and neck are white. The white tail is almost as long as the animal itself. Males are somewhat larger than females. It is a polygamous species, both males and females mate with several partners. They are active by daylight, they use their bushy tail as sun protection. When a predator is approaching the group attacks it, but this is a defense reaction, as if the predator attacks, the squirrels flee. They have a very positive (mutualistic) bond with meerkats and yellow mongooses in terms of defense against predators.

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