Pecari tajacu

family:  Tayassuidae
geographic range:  Central and South America
weight:  15-25 kg
lifespan:  24 years
habitat:  rainforest
lifestyle:  group

It is common in South Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Southbound, down to all the way to North Argentina. It has 14 known subspecies. It lives in tropical rain forests in South- and Central America, and in deserts of South United States, but it is spreading to inhabited places as well. Body length: 0.8-1.0 m, with a greyish-black fur on the body and yellow in the face. It has a collar-like mane to its shoulders and throat. The infants are yellowish-brown with a black stripe on their back. They have short, straight tusks. It has an excellent hearing and poor eyesight. They are very attached, they eat and sleep together. Its skin is utilized. It is used to inhabited environments, so it is a potential pest. It is also a popular pet.

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