Saguinus oedipus

family:  Cebidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  260- 380 g
lifespan:  23 years in captivity
habitat:  rainforest
lifestyle:  group

It lives in the tropical forests, open forests and secondary bush forests of Northwest Colombia, at foliage level, in the hollows of the trees. It is characterized by its long white sagittal crest extending from its forehead to its shoulders. In German-speaking territories it is often called the “Liszt-Monkey”, referring to the hair style Franz Liszt wore. Its back and shoulders are brown, its belly and legs are white. It is only 20–28 cm long, with a tail longer than his body. It is a monogamous species. They often give birth to twins. Males assist at the birth, later they are the ones carrying the babies around, they only hand them over to females for breastfeeding. They were observed to use certain sounds for food hunt only. It is highly endangered, as it is very sensitive to disturbances affecting its habitat. It is also threatened by illegal trade.

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