Crocodylus rhombifer

family: Crocodylidae
geographic range: Northwest Cuba
weight: 130 kg
lifespan: 75 years
habitat: freshwater swamps
lifestyle: solitary

This species is endemic to Cuba, can be found in the northwestern part of the country. Freshwater marshes, swamps are its habitat. Its a middle sized crocodile, adults rarely exceed 3,5 meters in length.

However biggest males can reach 5 meters. It has a bony ridge between its eyes, this is a distinctive feature. The dorsal part of the body is darker, it has yellow and black spots. It is capable of breaking turtle shells with its blunt rear teeth. It lays 30-40 eggs, which hatch in 60-70 days. The gender of the hatchlings is determined by the temperature during incubation.

Its a critically endangered species. Cuban crocodiles are being hunted for their skin, which is valuable. There are only 3000-6000 speciemens left in the wild. Another threat to this species is hybridisation. It can hybridise with the american crocodile both in captivity and in the wild.

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