Camelus dromedarius

family:  Camelidae
geographic range:  South Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Africa, Australia
weight:  400-600 kg
lifespan:  40-50 years
habitat:  desert
lifestyle:  group

It is common in dry areas, it totally adopted to the circumstances of a desert. The dromedary is 1.8-2 m tall and it is characterized by one hump. The hump is for storing, therefore its size depends on the condition of the animal, in case of famine it is smaller and can be tilted to the side. Its fur is caramel or sand brown. Its lips are thick, to be able to feed on horny plants. It is able to endure the loss of 30% of its water base, which is fatal to any other mammal. It is characterized by a rapid re-hydration, it is able to drink 100 l of water in 10 minutes. The species is a little aggressive. They need 6-8 times more salt than any other animal, so one third of its diet comprises of plants enduring salt. The dromedary is used for its meet, milk, wool, skin and to carry loads. In its original habitat there is no wild population of dromedaries any more, but a large number of wild dromedaries live in Australia.

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