Meles meles

family:  Mustelidae
geographic range:  Eurasia
weight:  7-16 kg
lifespan:  9-16 years
habitat:  meadow
lifestyle:  group

It is common from Ireland through Russia to Japan. It is is characterized by good adoptability, it can be found in the most different habitats. It has a stubby body, short, robust limbs and a short tail. Its fur has a very special pattern, its belly is  black, its back is silver-grey. Its face is white, with a black stripe stretching from his nose through his eyes to his ears. The only hierarchy within the group is the dominant mating pair. They build a huge underground tunnel-system. It marks the boundaries of its territory with the ooze of the scent glands identical within each family. It is a very aggressive species, therefore predators shun them. Their fur often ends up as a brush, their skin as a rug. It can carry tuberculosis, which may spread to cows as well.

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