Ara chloropterus

family:  Psittacidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  1-1.5 kg
lifespan:  60-80 years
habitat:  forest
lifestyle:  in pairs

It originates from South America, and it was settled in to he island of Puerto Rico as well. It s widespread in tropical forests. It is 90 cm long, a large body animal, with a wedge-shaped tail and red lines around the eyes formed by rows of tiny feathers on the otherwise bare face.

It’s basic color is deep red, however, the middle part of its back and its tail line is blue, its light yellow iris emphasizes its vivid colors. Females are somewhat smaller than males. It is a cautious bird.

Usually it can be observed in pairs or small groups. It builds its nest in the hollows of dead palm trees, sometimes in rock crevices. It is often kept as a pet, this is the second most popular bird in captivity. Sometimes it is eating clay to neutralize the toxins of unripe fruit. It may be noisy, but compared to other macaw species it is not as vivid.

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