Psittacus erithacus

family: Psittacidae
geographic range: Central and West Africa
weight: 407 g
lifespan: 23 years, 45 years in captivity
habitat: gallery forest
lifestyle: family group


It prefers the damp, plain forests, but it had been sighted at the elevation of 2200m as well. They build their nests in hollows, sometimes in other birds’ abandoned nests. Its feathers are grey, just like its eyes, surrounded by white spots. Its beak is black, its tail feathers are red. Its body is 33 cm long. It is monogamous, mates for life. During mating it was observed that the male is flying around the female’s nest, brings her food, whistles a soft, monotonous melody to put the female to sleep, and the male is guarding her. It is very shy. It is considered as one of the most intelligent species. Its problem solving ability is very advanced. They are able to distinguish and acquire musical frequencies. It is the second most popular parrot species in illegal trade.

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