Phoca vitulina

family:  Phocidae
geographic range:  Arctic, north islands of Atlantic and Pacific
weight:  45-105 kg
lifespan:  40-47 years
habitat:  coastral rocky areas
lifestyle:  solitary

From subtropical areas to the northern Arctic (Gulf of Alaska) stratches the range where we can find these seals. In Europe we can find them on the shores of Germany, Netherlands ,Denmark and Iceland. It can also be found around the United Kingdom. The Harbor seal prefers shores covered with pebbles or sand. These animals have heads that are round and small compared to their bodies. The harbor seal has no outer ear. It has whiskers on the face which are very sensitive. The males are larger and darker in color and can reach lengths of 190 centimeters. The pups lose their white fur in the uterus. They spend ther time ‘hauled out’ on the shores resting, molting and reproducing. At these times they can form large groups consisting of 1000 speciemens at times. They can spend even ten minutes underwater and dive to the depths of 50 meters. Harbor seals use grunting, burping sounds for communication. They are playful animals.

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