Cacatua sulphurea

family: Cacatuidae
geographic range: Indonesia
weight: 310-380 g
lifespan: 50-60 years
habitat: rainforest
lifestyle: in pairs or group

It is endemic in Indonesia and East Timor as well as in Celebes and the neighboring islands. In several of these places it is very rare, at places it is extinct. It can be found in tropical rain forests, wet deciduous forests, at the edges of forests and bushes.

It is a mid-sized cockatoo. It was named after the yellow crest on top of its head. Its feathers are white, with a vivid yellow patch around its ears. Its beak is black, a little bluish. Its voice is rather hoarse, similar to a loud creak, sometimes a whistle.

It is a severely endangered species, its number is rapidly decreasing, due to illegal trade and deforestation. Because of the decline in the number of habitats, the cockatoo and other birds are fighting for nesting places.

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