Sus scrofa domestica

family:  Suidae
geographic range:  Europe
weight:  12-50 kg
lifespan:  12-15 years
habitat:  grasslands
lifestyle:  group

It is a version bread from the domesticated pig, and today it is a popular pet. It’s body length is around 65cm, its height is 25 cm, its tail is curling upwards and ending in a tuft. Males are larger than females. They are most of the time black, but they can be seen in black and white and white versions as well. It is characterized by a short neck and large head, small eyes and protruding ears as well as a round nose . Their fur is coarse. Their hearing is very advanced and they are able to give out many different sounds. Due to their refined nose they are able to find many types of food. When kept in a place close to nature it digs its food from the soil. Thanks to its excellent smelling abilities it is used for searching after truffles . They are smart and adoptable. They are kept as a pet in apartments as well.

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