Equus quagga

family:  Equidae
geographic range:  South Africa
weight:  175- 385 kg
lifespan:  20-40 years
habitat:  savanna
lifestyle:  group

It is widespread throughout South-West-Africa, it can be found in the largest number on the Serengeti-Plain. It likes the open savannas, forests and habitats with bushes and grass. It’s most obvious features are the black and white stripes all over its body, with greyish shadows here and there. The stripes continue on the mane as well. Its body is 217- 246 cm long, with a tail of 47-56 cm. Male zebras are larger than female ones. The male animals give sounds similar to that of a horse, if threatened they give out a sharp whistle and a neigh similar to the dog’s bark. The stripe pattern is different on each specimen, it is like the human fingerprint. They live in well-organized groups, in a so called harem. 6 females and their foals belong to each alpha-male. If chased, it can run as fast as 88 km/h.

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