Capra hircus hircus

family:  Bovidae
geographic range:  West Africa
weight:  24-39 kg
lifespan:  15 years
habitat:  grasslands
lifestyle:  group

Its original habitat is inWest Africa, around Guinea and Kamerun, this is where it spread around from to all over Afrika. It is considered as the first domesticated version of the wild goat. It is able to survive in any grassy area. It is a small animal, with a body length of 41-58 cm. Males are characterized by a beard and horns bigger than that of the females. Its color is variable, possibly with patches, their tail is short. Males fight with horn clashes. They often give birth to twins. They are social animals, they live in groups of 5-20 specimen in the woods. They communicate in many different ways. They are aggressive, as a defense they butt their horns. It is bread for its meat, skin, wool and milk, a raw material for cheese.

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