Callithrix pygmaea

family:  Cebidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  124 g
lifespan:  11-18 years
habitat:  forest
lifestyle:  group

It is widespread in South America, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Pygmy marmosets can be sighted as high as 18 m in riverside forests, shunning the undergrowth.

It is the smallest monkey living today, with 13 cm of body length. Its fur is yellowish-brown, on the head its more of a green color. The longer fur on the head and neck forms a mane, a little bit like the lion’s, covering its small ears. Its tail is black-striped, with the length of up to 20 cm. It is a monogamous species.

They often give birth to twins. The newborn weighs 16 g. Males help to care for the infants, they are the ones carrying them around, only return them to the females for feeding. They give out sounds similar to bird’s chirping. With their front teeth hey chew holes in trees and dring its juices. It is a popular pet, so it may be targeted by international trade.

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