Saguinus midas midas

family:  Cebidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  400-550 g
lifespan:  10 – 21 years
habitat:  rainforest
lifestyle:  group

It lives in Northern Brazil, and in the territories of Guyana, French-Guyana and Suriname. It lives on trees, in the lower foliage level. It is 20.5-28 cm, long, with a tail of 31.5-44 cm.

Their body is covered by a thick, long black hair, except of their orange- or red colored arms and legs, which they are named after. They live in groups of 2-6 specimen. They are polygamous, only the dominant female is mating. Around the genital area and the chest they have special scent glands, to mark their territory.

They jump to up to 20 m. Due to the decreasing area of tropical forest, its habitat is getting smaller. The latin name comes from King Midas, who – as the legend says – turned into gold everything he touched.

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