Dasyprocta leporina

family:  Dasyproctidae
geographic range:  South America
weight:  3-6 kg
lifespan:  6 years, 13-20 years in captivity
habitat:  forest
lifestyle:  in pairs

Its native to South Americas notheastern region, inhabiting tropical forests. It choses areas with dense vegetation, where it can find cover. Its a middle sized rodent, with thebody length of 49-64 centimeters, with a short furless tail. Males and females are very similar in appearance, but males are smaller. Its a monogamic species, it choses a mate for lifetime. It often follows monkey groups, foraging for fruit pieces or dropped hard nuts, which it can crack with his strong teeth. It plays an important role in the transportation of seeds. They are very alert animals, if they sense danger they can flee quickly with leaps of two meters.

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