Psephotus haematonotus

family: Psittacidae
geographic range: Southeast Australia
weight: 55-85 g
lifespan: 15 years
habitat: shrubby and grassy areas
lifestyle: in pairs or group

It is common in the most inhabited part of Australia, alongside of rivers and creeks. The small, green parrots often swarm the gardens and crops. It is a mid-sized, thin parrot. Its body length is 27 cm.

Males are green, their back turning to olive green, the lower back is red, the belly is yellow, the quill-feathers and the upper tail is blue. Females are brownish olive-green, their belly is rather grayish oil green, the lower back is green. In the mating season it retreats in the forests, outside of mating season it lives in open, grassy areas.

It builds its nest in the hollow of the trees or wall crevices. Today it is one of the most popular pets. The bird bought young is domesticated fast. They are not inclined to learn whistles and words.

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