Threskiornis aethiopicus

family:  Threskiornithidae
geographic range:  Africa, southeast Iraq
weight:  1.5 kg
lifespan:  20 years
habitat:  rivers, lakes
lifestyle:  group

It is originating from the African territories and Southeast Iraq. It was introduced to several European countries. They live in many different habitats, along the banks of tropical rivers, and creeks, alongside the coastlines, even in cities and villages.

Its head and long neck is bare, its skin is black, its feathers are white, with the exception of its shoulders and tail where the feathers are black. It is characterized by its long, black beak curling downwards. During mating season males bend their heads down and spread their wings and wait for the females to choose their partner.

During their mating dance they intertwine their necks, bend and plume. The ancient Egyptians adored the animal, they mummified them and buried them together with the dead pharaohs.

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