Macropus eugenii

family:  Macropodidae
geographic range:  Australia
weight:  6.9-9.1 kg
lifespan:  10-14 years
habitat:  grassland, scrub forest
lifestyle:  group

It can be found in territories with dense vegetation. It prefers habitats with trees, bushes, territories alongside forests. Males are larger than females, its tail is 38-45 cm long. It is the smallest wallaby.

It is characterized by a small head and large ears. Their fur is greyish-yellow, their legs are red. Their infants grow in pouches on their mother’s belly. They are able to delay the development of embryos for a short time until circumstances improve. Gestation is very short, the development happens mainly in the pouch. When fighting they kick and balance with their tail.

They are mainly nocturnal animals. It is hunted for its skin and meat. With the introduction of the rabbit the quantity of available food is decreasing, therefore their number is decreasing as well.

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