Phacochoerus africanus

family:  Suidae
geographic range:  Africa
weight:  50-150 kg
lifespan:  7-11 years
habitat:  savanna
lifestyle:  solitary or group

It is common in Mauritania, Ethiopia, South Namibia. It prefers open and forested savannas, grassy plains, semi-deserts. It’s scarce fur is either black or brown, with a large mane on the head. Its body length varies between 90-150 cm.

Its tail is long, ending in a tuft. It wears two warts on both sides of it head, and a pair of them on the lower chin. In an unusual way, it needs to kneel down to eat, as its neck is very short and its legs are quite long.

Due to its scarce fur and thin fat layer it is very sensitive to extreme temperature changes. It is eating carcasses and feces as well. It is characterized by a mutualistic connection with the red- and yellow-billed oxpecker, which is freeing it from pests.

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