Numida meleagris f. domestica

FAMILY: Fácánfélék (Phasianidae)
GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: Native in Africa, spread worldwide
WEIGHT: 1-2 kg
LIFESPAN: 10-12 years

This bird is the domesticated form of the helmeted guineafowl. The wild form is native in Africa, south of Sahara, the domestic form spread worldwide.

The domesticated guineafowl has a similar appearance like the wild ancestor. This domesticated animal have a lots of breed, which differ from each othor from the geographic range and from the size. The domesticated guineafowl have many color variant, the most common is the “original” color, grey feathers with white spots. The male and the female have a similar appearance, the males (roosters) are bigger and her helmet’s on the top of the head and her skin flaps are bigger then the female’s.

The chickens are not like their parents, their heads are faded and they have not helmet. The typical, screaming voice of the guineafowl helps the birds in communication

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