Rangifer tarandus

FAMILY: Cervidae (Phasianidae)
GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: The northern part of North America, Europa and Asia
WEIGHT: 60-320 kg
LIFESPAN: 10-15 years in wild,
20 years in captivity

This deer species is widespread in the northern hemisphere. In this huge geographic range established more subspecies, the name of the north american subspecies is caribou, and the name of the urapean and of the asiatic subspecies is reindeer.

The reindeer is the only domesticated deer species, this is a very important domesticated anim of the northern people. In north people consumed the milk and the meat of the reindeer, they are made clothes from the hair and from the skin of the reindeer and they also use the power of the reindeer to draw the sleigh.

This deer species has a windy hoof, which helps the animal to walk on the top of snown. The ligaments of the reindeer heard a very typical sound when the animal is walk. The reindeer is the only deer species, which the males and the females have horns, too.

The horns of the males are bigger than the horns of the females. The hornd helped to the reindeer dig the food under the snow.

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