Gulo gulo

FAMILY: Mustelidae
GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: The northern part of North America, Europe and Asia
TÖMEG: 9-30 kg
ÉLETTARTAM: 5-7 years in wild, 17 years in captivity

This species is one of the largest member of the family Mustelidae. The body length is 65-105 cm, the length of the tail is 13-26 cm and the weight of the animal is 9-30 kg. The males are bigger and more robust than the females. The wolverines look like a small bear, and they walk like a bear, but they are not close relatives. They ara solitary animals, the male visits the female only during the breeding season. The mother lives together with the cubs until the young animals become 2 years old. The wolverine is primarily carnivorous, but sometimes it eats eggs, fruits and carrion. The species is not picky, their prey species include rodents, smaller to medium-sized mammals, even fawns. They have large five-toed paws with large crampon-like claws which enable them to chase prey in deep snow.

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