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Let the Pécs Zoo turn green! Adopt and plant a tree in the Zoo, alone or with your family! The name of the planter(s) will be displayed on a sign at the tree, and we’ll thank your support with a certificate, a family entry ticket and a small gift! The Zoo’s two big hairy armadillos will also help you with planting, as they will start digging the hole necessary for the planting under the supervision of our caretakers. The Zoo provides all tools necessary for planting.

Trees will be taken care of by the Zoo gardeners. The sign with the date of planting and the name of the planters will be placed and remains displayed at the tree, so, if you return to us over the years, you can see how your tree is growing and spreading. A maximum of 66 trees can be planted in our Zoo. Please indicate on the form whether you wish to plant oak, maple or ash! The Zoo will determine where the tree can be planted.

The one-off fee of adoption is: HUF 18,000

The minimum fee of adoption may be influenced by current commercial prices, and so we reserve the right to amend the fee.
Adoption can be initiated by completing the form below. Adoption is also available for companies! In this case the fee of adoption is HUF 50,000, for which we also provide 2 family tickets, a certificate and the sign to be displayed at the tree.
Adoption takes place as follows:

In the Zoo, you can indicate your intention to adopt a tree at the Cash Desk, where our nice staff members will be glad to help you with the paperwork. The whole process takes 10 to 15 minutes. You can start the adoption process online by completing the form available at You can pay by bank transfer and we’ll send you your Certificate and gift by post, but personal receipt is also possible at the time of planting. After the adoption we’ll contact you to discuss the details of planting. The date also depends on how much time it takes to procure the selected tree. Procurement may take 5 to 10 working days.

Planters are required to purchase entry tickets as follows:

If the adopting parent is an individual, one person can enter free of charge and everyone else needs to buy a ticket.
If the adopting parent is a company, two persons can enter free of charge and everyone else needs to buy a ticket.

The Zoo’s gardeners will take care of the tree. If it withers in spite of that, we’ll do what we can to replace it. If the area where the tree stands is declared a construction site or needs to be used for any other reason, then we will relocate the tree or, if that is not possible, we will remove it and we’ll plant a new tree or donate a new tree to a public area in its stead.

Our adopters have been so far:
Éva Bús and her all-girl class, the 12.f


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